JAY WOODS is a young talented singer-songwriter, producer, artist & mixing engineer. His focus is mainly pop music with influences of other genres such as R&B, hiphop & EDM. He loves to challenge himself by diversifying within all genres, especially as a topliner, and when singing & writing for other producers.

Singing and music in general have always been part of JAY from early on, flipping covers into his own version, with new melodies and harmonies. Authenticity is the key ingredient for his music. With an obvious passion for sounds and music, combined with his ambition, it's no surprise he is perfecting his skills every day and even performed on stages already. 

After gaining more experience in the music industry and growing his skillset, he started producing his own music & writing lyrics. JAY invested in himself by enrolling into a producer academy where he familiarized himself with the business side of the industry and perfected his production, mixing and mastering skills more. 

The talented singer-songwriter/producer aims to inspire and heal people with his music, just like he experienced as well, listening to artists and their music. ''Knowing that you're not alone with certain feelings and emotions, can help you deal with them better''.

JAY WOODS is currently working on multiple collaborations and on his debut album ''it's hard to say goodbye'' which consists of three parts in form of EP's. The first EP is set to be released in July 2024. The first 2 singles ''Rose'' & ''Be Like Before'' can be found already on every streaming platform. 



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